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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How To Study Engineering Classes in College

Ask yourself this question. "How I can study for a class? In particular, how I can get an A, or simply a high note (well, okay, a passing grade) for a class?" Here's the answer:

"Studying? What to study? All you need do is to memorize all of the instructor told the class, which is printed in the manual, listed in the program described in the prospectus, laboratory experiments were , and is rumored to previous reviews (especially at night before an exam). Then simply regurgitating the relevant examinations. Wait. It is too hard, unless I make a high-A + (and who needs that ?). For an A, I just need an A-. That means I can reduce my stress by 10% mainly to attend the class lectures. Even better would be a reduction of 20%, that way I can miss class Monday morning or Friday afternoon, but catching up, laughing at jokes and stories instructor or to volunteer what they think are relevant and consistent questions in class when I can participate.

A grade of B for the course is even easier, because you can not neglect to investigate a little, lose a lab or two, much less a review, or take off a week or more for special deer hunting or October (in February) holiday. YB still looks almost as good on a transcript, I hear. On the other hand, requires much effort. CA allows me to have this category for large enough to graduate. Anyway, that worked before will work again. No? "

Okay, I exaggerate a little, but you get the idea. Yet if I were to answer the above paragraph, I would say ...

"FALSE! Not a class in physics, engineering or math (and many other courses, too), at least not if the instructor has the professional integrity with respect to teaching and assessing students' understanding and skills in this area . (Now I'm not exaggerating.) Not a good thing in that paragraph that will help you get a passing grade, let alone have an understanding of the purpose of this class. "

This is my response to a shock to you? It would certainly be a surprise to a lot of students today. (Note: I'm talking about cheating or improper conduct of a serious student this is an ethical issue, the subject of a different testing ..) There are at least eight studies misconceptions that point. I deal with all of them, in no particular order. Along the way, I will do with the most common complaint that I and most other science instructors have received over the years as the taking of Science Major Class Lib Ed Science: "I and B to all my other classes, but I'm struggling for the class C 'or' This is the hardest class I've ever had! "