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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Top 10 Engineering Colleges In West Bengal, India

Top 10 Engineering Colleges of West Bengal, India

Each year a large number of students pass the common entrance examinations and are fighting with their mates for a place in the prestigious engineering colleges of West Bengal. These days for a classification is not a problem because there are a number of private institutes offering engineering courses to students if not meritorious. Some of the older students the opportunity to study best engineering college in West Bengal, viz. Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Jadavpur University.

Each student is preparing for common entrance examination seeking admission to one of the top ten engineering universities of West Bengal. The list of top ten engineering colleges in West Bengal is very important because these schools provide quality education and training campus good for students studying in them. The factors that determine the site for schools in the top ten are;

1. Faculty

2. Course

3. Infrastructure

4. Campus placements

5. The ranking of other colleges

6. Classification of training centers leading

Based on the above criteria Jadavpur University is by far the best engineering college in West Bengal. EC has maintained its position among its peers. Each year, only 300 rank holders get seats in the engineering departments of the Joint Undertaking other. Another major competitor is the second near JU Bengal Engineering Science University located in Shibpur. Although there are a lot of politics on campus, but still intact Besu maintained its position as the second-best engineering school in West Bengal.

Here is a list of engineering colleges has been ranked as the top ten technical institutions of West Bengal:

  1. Faculty of engineering and technology, Jadavpur University
  2. Bengal Engineering and Science University, Shibpur,
  3. Institute of Engineering and Management, located in Calcutta
  4. Jalpaiguri Government Engineering College, located in Jalpaiguri
  5. Kalyani Government Engineering College, located in Kalyani
  6. Heritage Institute of Technology, Calcutta,
  7. Techno India, Salt Lake, located in Calcutta,
  8. Government College of Engineering & Ceramic Technology, located in Calcutta.
  9. Asansol Engineering College, located in Asansol
  10. Academy of Technology, located in Adisaptagram, Hooghl

Institute of Engineering and Management is also a top competitor in the most valuable private Engineering College in West Bengal. College was founded only ten years ago and has quickly risen to Goliath among other colleges in West Bengal.

engineering schools and Kalyani Jalpaiguri boast large amount of students each year. Kalyani Jalpaiguri beat in terms of location, infrastructure and teachers, these two schools are ranked fourth and fifth, respectively.

One of the key factors that determine the best students to schools of government engineers tuition charged by them. JU fee structure is a fraction of that charged by any private school in the state.

All students are advised to keep this list handy when going for the counseling session.