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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Adjusting To College Life

When someone has been admitted to college from the beginning, he or she will not adapt to university life. They are too shy to do something like make friends, talk to other people and so on. Here I will give some advice on your academic life.

University life is different from life in high school because teachers do not tell you what to do and when to do it. They go to class information for you and suggests where you can find more information but they do not care if you learn, it's because you're almost an adult now and it is up to you to discipline yourself and learn the material if you want do well. It 's like the end of this life, because sometimes even if you are a school and starts working, you never stop learning. Part of what teachers have taught you how to learn and is probably the most important lesson for all.

My suggestion is that you make a program that shows when you sleep, go to class, eating and so on. This seems to be the free time and can be programmed in study time, so you have spent enough time working on each topic. Do not forget time for yourself, maybe to play sports, read a good book or just relax with friends. These issues are important, but you should make sure students are taught first.

In fact, university life is wonderful, and after a while 'someone gets used to it.