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Sunday, December 19, 2010

College And Career Planning For Secondary Students

Many college students are unsure of the career you want to follow and often making them waste time and money on unnecessary college classes to try and pick a specialty. In the U.S. faces a difficult economic situation and high unemployment, to choose the right career at the right time has become more important than ever. To combat this problem, two Indiana high schools began offering courses to help students begin career exploration and planning at an earlier age.

Tippecanoe Valley (TVHS) and Warsaw Community (WCHS) secondary schools have developed classes to teach students about different careers before they get to college. Students explore career options at an early age can eliminate the possibility of spending more time in college because of indecision about choosing a career. In addition, the classes allow students to explore different educational opportunities, such as online learning, and help distinguish the differences between technical schools, colleges and four-year colleges.
Carmichael Arena teaches "Introduction to the life and career" in hMSCs. Next year, the course name becomes "Planning for college and careers." Carmona said the course offers students a change to learn about them himself, his lifestyle, personality, values, interests, skills and objectives. "Students learn about various career options based on what they learned about themselves. Participate in project activities and the group to acquire essential skills for success in college and a career as a leading critical thinking and management, and resolution of problems.
Ben Rogers teaches a class in career planning TVHS. With classes like this, he said that the school is "trying to make a real strong correlation between companies and schools. All of us feel the connection to the community is an important part of educating children. Students receive instruction in the right way forward in a conversation, how to dress, and additional tips on how to talk to potential employers and even participate in mock job interviews.