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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Classification Of MBA Programs

Classification Of MBA ProgramsSpeaking of training usually for classical (voice, day, full-time) MBA program. At the same time. The range of programs offered by companies in disorder, very broad and almost without limit of time and training schedule
So, for the grant program:
* MBA General. Classic MBA specialized focus and based on general management principles.
* Specialized MBA. MBA programs specialized training modules on functional areas: marketing, production management, financial management, personnel management. Special programs can also be oriented towards industry, such as the MBA in technology or tourism information.
Profiling discipline (major), it can be shown in degrees, and the name of the course (eg MBI - Master of Business Informatics).
MBA degree program in the form below are as follows:
* The full days (full-time MBA programs). The traditional full-time MBA is considered the most prestigious program that ensures a high level of knowledge. Top business schools often avoid the introduction of other programs to help high school marks.
Daytime MBA course, contrary to all professional and requires the applicant to finance the training of selected school and expenses during the training.
* Full-time Evening (part-time MBA programs). Evening MBA are popular because they can be combined with work. Usually classes begin in the evening MBA program after working hours (in Russia - 18-21 or even 22), and often classes are held on weekends.
Foreign evening programs obviously require a permanent residence in the country of study.
Applications eye at a distance, the leader (e-MBA - Executive MBA). The Executive MBA is based on modular training session when the eye becomes independent study. Typically, the Executive MBA program is designed for managers and is responsible for some training.
* Distance Learning Program (MBA distance). Removed from MBA programs are possible with the development of the Internet. The training is done online in the form of form of communication via e-mail or video, the tasks of writing and independent work of multimedia training.
Remote program is not simple: the smaller intensity of the course - 15 hours per week. The most successful program for distance learning courses are the London Business School (LBS). An absolute lack of distance learning programs is the inability of teamwork and a direct exchange.