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Monday, December 20, 2010

Automobile Engineering Course

This course is to train students to design, develop, manufacture and repair of motor vehicles. The application of automotive engineering is increasing expansion in the automotive sector and the increasing demand for the vehicle. A growing concern about pollution and fuel efficiency, these engineers also set the standard functions, such as the creation of the Euro-efficient vehicle.

Industry qualified engineer automotive engineering involves the development (construction, calculation and test equipment), painting the bottom, with the knowledge and control functions of a road and rail vehicles.

Engineer automotive engineering to develop and build the bodies with additions such as motors, clutches and steering gears. They have to design according to the principles of aerodynamics and style, they have to build and calculated according to the principles of functionality, security, resources and economy dreasing.

Depending on the priorities of the engineer receives notice activities as a development engineer in the design of the body, commercial and special vehicles or design of engines and gearboxes.


The syllabus is designed to teach students all aspects of moving vehicles, construction, repair and maintenance.

Education Level:

To become an automotive engineer, you must have a BE or Diploma B. Tech. Although a degree in electrical engineering or mechanical can go for a specialization in automobile engineering at postgraduate level. Diploma holders can take AMIE try to be at parity with the graduate.

Job Automotive Engineering, the automotive industry, service station and maintenance, private transport company and defense services. Self-employment is also possible in the implementation garages or car repair shop.